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Pioneer SPH-C10BT

Pioneer SPH-C10BT

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Discover Smarter Driving with Pioneer Smart Sync

To help drivers fully enjoy the smart driving features offered by Pioneer Smart Sync, Pioneer created the SPHC10BT – a Bluetooth smartphone car receiver built specifically to leverage the power of the smartphone. The SPHC10BT comes with a multitude of innovative and ergonomic convenience features, including a built-in, rotatable smartphone cradle, hardware shortcut keys to launch smartphone apps, and a segmented LCD information display with a 3-zone RGB illumination that synchronises its colour with the Pioneer Smart Sync app.

Parking Assistance

SPH-C10BT is equipped with Parking Assistance and other valuable safety features. With Pioneer’s parking sensor, a helpful parking assist display appears on your smartphone screen. 

* Optional parking sensor is required.

Voice Recognition (One-touch Access)

You can operate the Pioneer Smart Sync app simply with your voice, allowing you to pay full attention to the road while starting navigation, playing music, or opening your phone’s address book.

Navigation (One-touch Access)

Pioneer Smart Sync offers one-touch access to your most frequently used navigation app, making it easier for you to plot your trip to your destination.

Messages Read-Out (One-touch Access)

Once you've connected your messaging app to Pioneer Smart Sync, you can always have your messages read out with the touch of a button.

31-Band Graphic EQ

With Pioneer Smart Sync’s software, drivers are able to have full control over their car’s sound – with up to 31 bands of EQ available for adjustment. Pioneer Smart Sync’s granular interface allows audiophiles to precisely zoom in to each band and adjust specific sections of the audio curve to their liking with a simple tap or a swipe of the finger.

Live simulation

With Pioneer Smart Sync’s software, driver can simulate the immediacy of live music with crowd cheers, clapping, and other effects produced with sound field control using your phone's digital sound processor.

Super Todoroki Sound

Super Todoroki Sound boosts low sounds and automatically adjusts mid- and high-range sounds to add impact and clarity to your audio environment.

Easy Sound Fit makes Time Alignment easy

A feat of Pioneer technology, this one-touch feature lets you customize audio to your car's acoustics in an instant by adjusting speaker output timing.

Support FLAC Codec

Enjoy FLAC lossless digital audio files in your vehicle with playback output at CD quality, without the need to convert. *For the files stored in USB thumbdrive.

Hands-Free Calling & Audio Streaming

Bluetooth Wireless Technology makes hands-free operation comfortable and safe while driving. 

All Bluetooth-enabled Pioneer receivers are equipped to allow up to two phones to be connected simultaneously for hands-free voice calls.

Direct control

Control your iPhone or Android smartphone directly from your car dashboard. Enjoy songs from your music library in superior sound quality, while charging the battery. 

*for iPhone (USB/Bluetooth)
* for Certain Android Phones (USB/Bluetooth)


USB Quick Charge For Android

Equipped with a Bright USB Port (Front: High Current 1A Handling Capability) significantly reducing the time required to recharge the latest Android smartphones compared to most CD receivers



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