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JBL BassPro Micro
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JBL BassPro Micro

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SKU: JBL BassPro Micro Dockable Powered Subwoofer
Weight: 5 kg, 0 grams
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Brand: JBL
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Increase the Space and Boost the Bass with the JBL BassPro Micro

JBL creates a new dockable bass solution with BassPro Micro. This ultra-compact powered subwoofer system achieves jaw-dropping bass performance that is hard to believe for its size. The 140-watt RMS Class D amplifier and proprietary subwoofer combination delivers 100 dB at 10 feet! The subwoofer enclosure is docked to the permanent amplifier base but detaches in just seconds providing extra cargo space when needed. The BassPro Micro includes speaker-level and line-level inputs that easily connect to the car's existing audio system. There are also controls for input sensitivity, crossover frequency, phase and a bass EQ with 9 dB of boost. The BassPro Micro's efficient and streamlined design makes it an ideal upgrade for any car’s audio system. If you are hungry for even more bass, you can daisy chain two units together to deliver real thunder.


With durable grill fabrics , satin chrome  trim and matte black finish for the enclosure case, the BassPro Micro looks as good as its sound. You’ll probably be giving your friends a good look at what sounds so good


The BassPro Micro is designed to quickly unlatch via a quick release bracket and detach from the amplifier unit that serves as the permanently installed base in the vehicle. Removal of the bass enclosure provides bonus cargo room when needed


The amplifier provides matched electronics and is optimized for BassPro Mircro subwoofer characteristic and enclosure acoustics. Class D amplifier  operation also means the amplifier run cooler and draw less current from the vehicle electrical system

General Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H)                16-3/16" x 7" x 10-7/8" (411mm x 177mm x 275mm)

Maximum Current Draw                                                                                     14.5A

Quiescent Current Draw                                                                                 <800mA

Input Sensitivity                  0.05V – 2.0V Low-Level Input; 0.5V – 20V High-Level Input

Fuse                                                                                                                    15A

Amplifier Power                                                                                          140W RMS

Audio Specifications

Driver Complement                                                                          8"(200mm) Woofer

Crossover Frequency                                                                               50Hz – 120Hz

Crossover Slope                                                                                        12dB/octave

Bass Boost                                                                                  0dB to + 9dB @ 65Hz

In this image, you can imagine how compact is this JBL woofer that is still have plenty of space and looking neat after install in the tight Mercedes A Class trunk boot.
JBL BassPro Micro 8" Subwoofer on 2017 Honda C-RV


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