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Osram LED Ambient light [ Base kit ]

Osram LED Ambient light [ Base kit ]

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SKU: Osram LED Ambient light [ Base kit ]
Weight: 200 grams
Stock: Stock available

Brand: Osram
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Let your creativity flow: with the LEDambient Tuning Lights you can design your vehicle interior to your personal taste. The flexible LED strips come in over 16 different light colours and brightness levels, as well as five different operating modes. The lighting can thus be arranged to individual preference to create the desired mood.

LEDambient Tuning Lights: individual lighting for your vehicle interior at the push of a button

Very practical: the desired colour mood can be selected easily by remote control. The LEDambient lights can be quickly and easily fitted using the self-adhesive LED strips. The supplied cable, a 12 volt car adapter, as well as an additional optional extension kit provide boundless flexibility when designing your interior lighting. The cigarette lighter easily doubles up as the power supply.  Technically skilled drivers can also wire the Tuning Lights directly from the vehicle circuit board, leaving the cigarette lighter power socket free.

Top features

  • Flexible LED lighting strips for the vehicle interior.
  • 16 different colour variants and brightness levels. 
  • Five different modes available (flash, strobe, fade, smooth, solid).
  • Simple and intuitive module control via a remote control.
  • Simple mounting using two self-adhesive LED strips.
  • Two-year OSRAM guarantee

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