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Toyota Harrier Alpine X009E Malaysia

Toyota Harrier Alpine X009E Malaysia

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SKU: Toyota Harrier Alpine X009E Malaysia
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Brand: Alpine
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Introducing the 9" Alpine style head unit


Perfect integration, Huge 9" View
X009E-HA 9" All-In-One Navigation

We are professional installer to this perfect headunit for your car 

The extra-wide 9" screen is big enough for rear seat passengers to see easily, and the LED/WVGA display is amazingly clear. Adding the Digital TV Tuner means no one will miss their favorite TV programs during a trip!

[Configuration listing] 
■ Harrier (60 system) dedicated BIGX premium Series 9-inch car navigation system-HA EX9V 
■ plasma cluster technology equipped with 9-inch WXGA rear vision with HDMI input-RB PXH9S 
■ Harrier (60 system) dedicated premium sound package X3-180S -HA 
, HDMI / USB built-in 1.75m specification KCU-Y61HU (will be simple packaging product) 
Harrier (60 system) dedicated 9-inch rear vision kit-Y109VG KTX 
· HDMI connection rear vision for the link cable-610RV KCU 
· rear-only multi-remote control (Jihikarishiki) RUE-RST01 
· private car aroma comes

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