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Pioneer TVM-FW1300-B 13.3" roof monitor

Pioneer TVM-FW1300-B 13.3" roof monitor

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SKU: Pioneer TVM-FW1300-B 13.3" roof monitor
Weight: 4 kg, 0 grams
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Brand: Pioneer
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The largest screen 13.3 inch car entertainment roof monitor in the market year 2019 with super quality screen.

Product explanation
・It is flip down monitor, TVM-FW1300-B of 13 inches of full HD of the carrozzeria.

・It is equipped with high-resolution big screen 13.3V type wide full HD liquid crystal panel. Furthermore, it carries three-dimensional Y/C separation circuit and the image processing circuits such as the HDMI HD processing. I can enjoy a hi-vision picture with a sense of reality in a rear seat.

・A smartphone and a video camera can be easily connected by having been equipped with the input of up to three systems corresponding to latest HDMI and RCA and can look at a picture and the image immediately.

・It carries the LED interior lamp which is convenient for night getting on and off. I can regulate the number of the LED lighting three phases, and setting to preference is possible. Furthermore, I can perform lighting / lights out of the LED interior lamp with attached remote control, too.

・It is attached with the remote control which put together various functions. Let alone the input reshuffling of the monitor. Operation such as a source change and the volume, a truck or the program change of the navigation made of carrozzeria such as cyber navigators is possibility, too. Leave operation to the rear, and the driver can concentrate on driving.

・Adjustment allows the monitor angle to zero degree or 125 degrees continuously. The angle that it is easy to see can set it easily. In addition, a picture can watch even the state that closed a monitor. Installation not to interfere in the case of the getting on and off either is possible.

・By the backflip mechanism that reversed a monitor setting aspect so far, I can enjoy a more powerful picture in a backseat.

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