Philips GoPure

Philips GoPure

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Weight: 1 kg, 630 grams
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Brand: Philip
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Cleans 99% of your in-car air pollutants within 9 minutes.

Removes up to 99% of most pollutants found in your car with 3 speed seetings. Boost mode for healthy air in 9 minutes.

Healthy Air Quality Indicator with 3 levels indications

Integrated air-particles sensor to show air-particles concentration: excellent (blue), fair (yellow) and poor (red).

Fragrance dispenser with adjustable flow

Fragrance dispenser with adjustable flow for strong, medium or light dispense to refresh your car. The GoPure fragrances contain natural ingredients with 3 scents options.

Automatic switch on with 2 Speed settings

Automatic switch on when you start your car. 2 Speed settings. 12V plug and mounting strap included for smart mounting.

Filter replacement indicator

Filter replacement indicator, LED warning to indicate filter, change and maintain optimal filtering performance.

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