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Philips GoPure Compact 100 AirMax

Philips GoPure Compact 100 AirMax

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GoPure Compact
Automotive Clean Air Systsem

Enjoy fresh and healthy air in your car with Philips GoPure Automotive clean air system. The Phlips unique 3-stage filtration process removes up to 99% of in car air pollution to keep you and your family in god health

3x better than ionizer

HESA unique technology eliminates up to 99% of toxic gases and chemical pollutants: Interior plastics, car's upholstery.3x better tobacco smoke residue (nicotine) removal than ionizers: TUV Germany test based on DIN ISO/IEC 28360:2009-11 & DIN EN ISO 16000-9, calculated for 10 substances in 1M3 chamber

3 air-quality level indication

Integrated air-particles sensor indicates current air quality: excellent (blue), fair (yellow), and poor (red)


Automatic switch on/off, filter replacement indicator

The GP Compact 200 features an automatic switch-on when you start the car, 3 speed settings to adjust filtration power and a filter LED warning to indicate that filter needs to be changed (the filter lasts 8 - 12 months, according to car usage).


Removes up to 99% of fine particles & toxic gasses.

Thanks to the unique Philips GoPure technology combining HEPA and HESA filters, you can now enjoy pure air in your car. The 3-stage filtration process eliminates 99% of 0.3µm (PM2.5) harmful fine particles (incl. industry and exhaust fumes, dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses), and neutralizes 99% of toxic gaseous chemicals (incl. car interior plastics and upholstery)

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