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Alpine PXH12X-R-AV 12.8" Roof monitor

Alpine PXH12X-R-AV 12.8" Roof monitor

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SKU: Alpine PXH12X-R-AV 12.8" Roof monitor
Weight: 5 kg, 0 grams
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Brand: Alpine
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・It is plasma cluster technology deployment 12.8 type LED WXGA rear vision, PXH12X-R-AV for exclusive use of 30 system Alphard / VELLFIRE of Alpine.
・Rear air-conditioner Control Box of other sellingIFA-RM5000-AV-DI show rear monitor the control screen of the rear air-conditioner if I use), and moon roof opening and shutting and the color change of roof color illuminations are possible.
・You adopt 12.8 type liquid crystal to become the maximum size as rear vision and can see a picture with Riki Osako & high resolution as it is unprecedented because 2.4 times put high-definition WXGA liquid crystal together in comparison with conventional WVGA liquid crystal.
・The plasma cluster ion outbreak unit which was equipped with the turbo mode removes a smell ingredient in the car resolution &. As the sanitization is carried out at the same time, I keep atmosphere in the car neatly.
・I cope with fully digital connection by the HDMI. It is higher-resolution and can enjoy the picture / map of the car navigation system, the animation / application of the smartphone.
・It is the perfect fitting for exclusive use of the car model for installationKTX-Y1005VG/KTX-Y1005VB) is necessary.

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